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Bleh.  :(
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So, that NDAA passed the Senate 93-7.  Doesn't matter if Obama were to veto it... heck based on what I've read from the Wall Street Journal... yeah.  The USA just got really, really ugly.

I'm renewing my passport. 
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So, you should be aware of a little petition at the White House...!/petition/stop-e-parasite-act/SWBYXX55
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This is simply one helluva read, and I wish I kept in touch with some people who I made a bet with back in 2001... that we would become the world's best police state.  The comment of the day is down a ways after the article, "With agents like this in the TSA, who needs terrorists?"
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... so today starts class, and I find out a couple of fun things.  The Department of Veterans' Affairs was late (again) in paying my college tuition, so I had to get a $75.00 late fee taken care of to lift my registration hold.  Because classes start today, it is unclear if my seat in those classes exists (because of the hold), so I will find out tomorrow morning if I'm even able to attend class.  To top that off, by withdrawing from courses to accept work at the VA Hospital, and having a very bad summer term, I am disqualified from FAFSA.  Even though my old student loans are completely paid off, I was pretty much told that if I wasn't jailed or hospitalized this summer, that I am permanently disqualified.  

So... I'm still processing all this news; my primary thought about FAFSA is that I owe them nothing at the moment and I have no reason to clear a path so that I can owe them something later.  Sure, I'll have to do without loan money every year from here on out - but I think in the long run it's a better move for me.  Still, rejection sucks, and the documentation that I need to send them to appeal their decision is a complete disclosure of all my medical records. 

Anyway, I was told to check back tomorrow to see if the registration hold was lifted, so that I am cleared to attend class.  I'm losing confidence and patience in the system.  Back to work I go...


Aug. 6th, 2011 01:01 pm
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All right, I'm getting ready to quit watching the news all over again.  Although, Monday will be an interesting day, to say the least.  With only 58% of the American working-age population fully employed, and the downgrade coupled with the threat of a second downgrade within two years is just helping my perceptions of the economy look peachy. 

Anyhow, as for m'self, I'm thinking that the only job prospects I have are the ones I make - making games and playing the violin.  At this rate, I don't think anything else is going to go through.
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I'm sorry, I've known for a long time you can travel with a gun (though you have to check the bolt of the gun, or all sorts of other limitations) at airports. With Atlanta now making it completely illegal to possess any gun, except for TSA, gun owners have lost the right to be on airport premises with a weapon, and will be charged with a misdemeanor if caught.

Also, since something like this has happened, what happens to all those travelers who follow federal regulations and, while passing through ATL, get charged with a misdemeanor? I think it means anyone passing through there can no longer carry a weapon (but I may be reading into this too much)...
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You know, I'd have thought that health insurance companies are bad, but for some reason, I'm inclined to think they learned their bad habits from our own government.

Remember that problem about bleeding from the rectum that the Army didn't want to treat me for (oh, you're retirement date is too soon, better for you to see the VA Hospital once you're out)... well I went and saw the VA Hospital. I shouldn't have bothered going inside.

When you 'turn down' care from the military 'voluntarily' like I did, that means that whatever condition you have that you 'turned down care' for while in the service falls under 'optional' or 'gratuitous' care, and does not meet their definition of 'service connected', whether or not the symptoms first appeared while serving.

Apparently, I am financially liable for all the urgent care visits (to build a history) and primary care visits, and the endoscopy procedure that my primary care provider ordered. Including the care I received while I was still on active duty (from the VA), because I did not obtain written consent and referral from my unit commander before seeking treatment outside of military treatment facilities.

I've only received the first bill so far, so I don't know if all three or four visits now, plus the procedure are going to total several hundred, or several thousand dollars. What I do know is that I will be in touch with my advocate (nice term for my lawyer), about this.

For those of you who are serving, make sure you get EVERY LAST ITSY BITSTY LITTLE MEDICAL problem you have completely treated by the military. It doesn't matter if all your conditions are well-documented. Because the VA's definition that I'm observing now isn't 'for medical conditions with onset during your period of service' but rather something close to 'medical conditions incurred specifically by your military service'. This includes things that they feel they can explain away due to natural causes, such as the 'natural cause' that rectal bleeding can be caused by aging, and since it is a naturally occurring symptom of ______, to them, the Army did not cause me to bleed from my ass regardless of how poetic that would be.
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(yes, I'm also plugging my forums)...



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