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...bears no fruit.  After <15 months, I quit.  However, other things are looking up - the free time will help me live my life I hope.


Feb. 16th, 2012 09:50 am
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I made the front page of Hollow Paws.  :P
(gotta read down a bit to get there)
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So... not too sure where I want to begin. Maybe that's a sign of the difficulties I'm having. I'm becoming less and less satisfied with the life I lead, and its becoming time I pick one thing.

For work I am... Retired | Clerical | IT | Violiist | Actor | Composer | CEO
I want to live in... Portland OR | Baker City OR | Austin TX | Phoenix AZ
For fun I... LARP | Play online/mmo/computer/IRC Games

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So, my career as a (whatever) is tumbling. In 2010, I was making $19.53/hr doing office work, in 2011 I didn't do better than $9.50/hr. Granted the job I had for a little while last year was much cooler, but the pay was much less. The last job I was hired for was a minimum wage job - one that I lost an hour before I was to begin working my first day.

I think its time that I throw in the towel. With the unemployment situation as it is - I'm not competitive at all at this point. There are other things I can focus on more in my life than getting a job. Frankly, with my schedule of appointments at the VA, there's no way I could keep work, what with the number of days I would need off of work. I'm gone anywhere from 3-8 days per month (1d6+2) for medical appointments.

I might have more hope for getting a job, but the last two interviews I've had got me hired. One in Dec 2011 (for that job I was let go from before I started working), and the previous interview to that was Mar 2010. Between 2010 and 2011 I've had three job interviews. Rejection is easy to take, a time or two. After hundreds of times though, it begins to wear on you.

So, on Monday, I will discontinue my relationships with placement agencies and the like. Even though I owe them all a little time every month, the accumulated amount of time spent following up with them on top of applying for jobs and the like is keeping me from having something specific to focus on.

I have no career, and the workplace has no need of (or desire for) me. I feel better for finally admitting it. I have a nice cave, and will see about what I can do to make it nicer. :/
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So, I gave a friend the following link to listen to my moosic...

For him, similar music went from mine to Taylor Swift. When I tuned into myself (instead of turning into myself, more on that later maybe), they played a piece of mine and followed it up with Beyonce. Seriously. What the fuck.

Pardon me, I'll be over here, wallfacing.

Fear Storm

Jan. 2nd, 2012 05:20 pm
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The signing of the NDAA (which got no real news coverage), sent me into a spiral. Whee!
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So, the year is off to a good start - in part because I forget about the bad stuff.  So, here is a list of things that I'm doing actively - and I'm sucking in so many areas because I never have time to improve my mad skillz.

That Gaming Company
- Management
- Game Design
- Bookkeeping
- Hiring
- Social Media (FB, Twitter, G+, DA)
- Community Management (Forums, IRC, Meetup)
- Planning
- Funding
- Marketing
- Advertising
- PR

Performing Arts
- Violin Technique
- Violin Repertoire
- Composing
- Promoting/Blogging/Marketing/Advertising/PR/etc etc etc (same general business needs as the gaming company, listed above)
- Acting Technique

Home Life
- Investing
- Job Search
- Repairing
- Cleaning
- Organizing
- Dieting
- Exercising
- Socializing
- Gaming

- Traveling
- Medical Appointments
- Mental Health Appointments
- VA stuff (other)
- Hearing Research

This is just an infantile list... but I'm up for suggestions as to what to take off of the list. 
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I'm having one of those experiences where I'm just 'too happy' with the bag I've been given.  This year was overall a very positive year, one that I enjoyed to an utmost extent.  If I were to die right now, I'd die happy.  It could easily be said that I've led a full life.  So, about that bag...

I am a combat veteran who was a part of the invasion of Iraq in 2003.  I participated in some other stuff, too; and was medically retired from the Army in 2009, after nearly ten years of service.  Since retiring, I've lived in a supportive environment where I can see how much I've declined on the faces of the other veterans I live with.  I've known them for over ten years, from when we were all stationed in Germany together.  Shortly before Christmas I answered my water glass and drank from my phone.  It wasn't until someone with me in the room got my attention did I realize just what it was that I was doing.  It may not have been the first time. 

In 2011, one of my investments definitely went south.  $18,500 became $0.00.  Over $20,000 that I was tracking as 'investments' became apparent to be 'IOUs', and as such got removed from my list of 'assets'.  Now, a much more realistic inventory of financial assets reveals a total positive balance that is a small fraction of the aforementioned dollar figures.  At least its positive.

Anyway, while my hand is full of crappy cards, I should mention that I'm still pretty happy with how my life turned out.  Hence why I'm more concerned about proceeding down a long, psychological tunnel.  Rationally, I should be in the midst of a depression.  A deep one, at that.  

Nope.  Happy and bouncy are what I am instead.  Anyway, as for the memory issue (answering glasses of water and drinking phones), I do expect that should that symptom to continue, that it will get worse.  So, pardon me if I spend my remaining money, time and relative freedom having the best time I can.  
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Yay, update! 
Merry Christmas!  (or whatever holiday you celebrate!)
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Bleh.  :(
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I hasn't.  :(
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Job, I haz.


Dec. 12th, 2011 08:14 pm
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I upgraded my browser...
I then spent the rest of the day working on getting Flash to run in my upgraded browser. 
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There are few survivors of the Great Depression left to ask, but I believe that systems of living such as frugalism and minimalism are quickly becoming the ideal ways of living.  In the middle of the 19th Century, you were identified by your trade.  Whether it be a farmer, blacksmith, goat herder or cobbler.  A hundred years later, you were defined by the house you owned and the car you drove.  It still goes on today. 

However, consumerism and materialism have fallen out of lifestyle.  For this I'm happy - it is the first thing to let go of before budgeting and living frugally begin to really shape up.  Granted, I'm not saying that we all become 'freegans' or whatnot.  Shelter, clothing, food, communications, transportation and fun are in my mind very worthy things to have in my mind.  So much of the world lacks several of these five things, it's nice just to have that. 

Choose the things that you're going to hoard (for hoarding and collecting are fine pursuits IF you prioritize in a way that works for you).  Also, being selective about what you hoard will allow you to get much more of it - because your budget for hoarding (which would be a part of Fun) will get you a lot more things in one area than a wide variety of things. 

As for myself, I'm trying to shave some money out of my budget, partly to get my nest egg going as well as funding my company.  I spent $97 on groceries, and will see how many meals I can stand to eat from it.  I did not go the Top Ramen route, and bought food that seems to be fairly healthy (salad greens, dressing, cereal, almond milk, cheese, soup - lots of soup and some sweets).

Once I pass 5 meals, groceries will be less expensive for me than Ruby Tuesday's, Denny's or Shari's (I include my tips in this...)
Once I pass 7 meals, the groceries will be less expensive than Shiraz, Davidson's, Thai Delicious, and a number of other restaurants.
Once I pass 10 meals, the groceries will be less expensive than Mia Teriyaki, our local Lebanese restaurant and Bombay Curry.  Also, at the ten meal mark, the groceries will be on par with fast food. 
Once I pass 20 meals, the groceries will be less expensive than pretty much all other food options. 

As of time of writing, I've made it to 10 meals so far.  :)
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So, I got to work today - for the best pay I've had all year so far.  All that had to happen, was to swap out a network printer.  Easy, right? 

Get there - someone already did the physical swap.  Great.  Does it print?  Nope.  The printer works - yes.  Does it communicate with the network?  Yes.  Can terminals/users see the printer on the network?  No.  

How is this best solved?  Call the clients' Help Desk to put a work order in with their server team to add the printer to their network.  Said work order gets sucked into a black hole.  Wait four hours, calling every hour or so to find out what else can be done - or try to find out the status.  Nope.  Can't find out the status because that section of the help desk is not set up for phone conversations, and is not designed to speak with technicians. 

So, out of a mandatory leasing program thing - working printer was swapped out with a new printer, that would work if their help desk worked faster.  Handled client complaints about slowness, related my own frustration, closed the tickets and left.  So, ticked off client, ticked off me, and hopefully that was my last bit of IT work.  

There is no reason why it should take 9 people (the number of people I spoke with at 4 different companies) to swap an effing printer.  No reason.  None.
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So, that NDAA passed the Senate 93-7.  Doesn't matter if Obama were to veto it... heck based on what I've read from the Wall Street Journal... yeah.  The USA just got really, really ugly.

I'm renewing my passport. 
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Until this little petition reaches 150 signatures, it won't be quickly viewable at for other people to sign, except by direct link.  Here's Rand Paul vs John McCain on the Senate floor about S. 1867: - John McCain enters at 13:35. - here's later in the same debate where McCain infers that anyone who is a threat, citizen or not, should be detained and stands by his bill.  I appreciate his sentiment, but I think the approach is nothing short of entirely wrong.

So, here's the petition.  Please pass it along to those who you think need to at least examine the issue at hand.!/petition/veto-national-defense-authorization-act-until-it-no-longer-allows-indefinite-detainment-and/BhYXdbQj
baphnedia: (Default) month.  Please let me know if you'd like me to visit?  Thanks!
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Can anyone in Portland take in a lovable, 7 year old kitty whose owners are moving and can't take her? The no-kill shelters in the area, not surprisingly, are all full.

Grabbed from Lupa Bi. 
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I can't find mine.  Looking for witty captions for a whole buncha images (total will be around 80, right now A-G is posted).  The best place to reply to is on the forums...


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