Sep. 26th, 2011

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... so today starts class, and I find out a couple of fun things.  The Department of Veterans' Affairs was late (again) in paying my college tuition, so I had to get a $75.00 late fee taken care of to lift my registration hold.  Because classes start today, it is unclear if my seat in those classes exists (because of the hold), so I will find out tomorrow morning if I'm even able to attend class.  To top that off, by withdrawing from courses to accept work at the VA Hospital, and having a very bad summer term, I am disqualified from FAFSA.  Even though my old student loans are completely paid off, I was pretty much told that if I wasn't jailed or hospitalized this summer, that I am permanently disqualified.  

So... I'm still processing all this news; my primary thought about FAFSA is that I owe them nothing at the moment and I have no reason to clear a path so that I can owe them something later.  Sure, I'll have to do without loan money every year from here on out - but I think in the long run it's a better move for me.  Still, rejection sucks, and the documentation that I need to send them to appeal their decision is a complete disclosure of all my medical records. 

Anyway, I was told to check back tomorrow to see if the registration hold was lifted, so that I am cleared to attend class.  I'm losing confidence and patience in the system.  Back to work I go...


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