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Birthdate:Sep 8
Location:Tigard, Oregon, United States of America
Whee - I'll think of something new to put here!

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abstract reality, airplanes, alfandria, alien dice, anime, army, art, artwork, astrology, babylon 5, bad singing, battlestar galactica, beer, beliefs, biking, cats, chai tea, cheese, chess, classical, classical music, comedy, comics, communication, composing, computers, concerts, conversations, cooking, creativity, cyantian chronicles, daydreaming, dead like me, death note, depeche mode, depression, digital art, dinosaurs, discworld, douglas adams, draconids, draconity, dragon*con, dragoncon, dragons, dreams, faith, fantasy, felinity, fiction, films, flight, food, friends, furries, furry, games, gaming, geeks, heroes, highlander, hiking, historical fiction, history, horses, html, imagination, inflatable animals, inflatable dragons, inflatables, inflate, internet, jazz, larp, laughing, learning, leverage, libraries, life, linux, listening to music, literature, lord of the rings, magic, martial arts, mind melding with whales, money, monty python, movies, muse, music, musicals, mysteries, mystery, mythbusters, mythology, nanowrimo, naruto, neil gaiman, oddity, otherkin, paradice, philosophy, photography, php, politics, pool, pool toys, psychology, random music, reading, red dwarf, religion, role-playing games, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rpg, rpgs, sarcasm, scalies, sci-fi, science, science fiction, scifi, seattle, settlers of catan, shivae, shivae studios, siedler von catan, sink or swim, sleep, song, squeaky, star trek, swimming, therianthropy, tomorrowlands, toy dragons, toys, video games, water, webmastering, whatever, white wolf, wine, women, wonder, world-building, worldbuilding, writing
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