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So, I gave a friend the following link to listen to my moosic...

For him, similar music went from mine to Taylor Swift. When I tuned into myself (instead of turning into myself, more on that later maybe), they played a piece of mine and followed it up with Beyonce. Seriously. What the fuck.

Pardon me, I'll be over here, wallfacing.
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For your listening pleasure, you can go to Facebook and start playing from Prelude for a full listen... you're welcome to swing by and listen as often as you like. :)

By pricing the EP at $0.99 for the whole thing on CD Baby, I only need to sell 372 of 'em to break even. The individual tracks are also for sale at $0.99 per piece, so please be sure that you're buying the whole EP for the same price. Constellation Cockroach is o'er here:
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I wouldn't know who this is or why you'd want to listen to his music... :p  Just thought you would want to know.  :)!/notes/louis-lamp/halloween-release-unveils-louis-lamp/10150474880399018
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Many groans are directed at Da'al for his excellent punmanship, and tomorrow I have an audition.  Right now I'm in Juneau, AK; hopefully I'll be able to write more when I return.  :)
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In under twenty four hours, I'll embark on a vacation for most of September.  I'm headed down into California then up to Alaska and back this time around.  Nearly everything that I do for lots of fun will be done with additional people.  Be it things in the bedroom, on stage, in the pool or whatnot.  I don't think I've packed as heavy for a vacation ever before, but I love the buffet -style variety in experiences I'm about to receive. 

I'll post again when I get back.
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Maybe I should ask for some Puffy Paws toys to attend a friend's funeral in my stead.  Unfortunately, not sure if that'd be a good mix or not.  I know at this moment, right now, I'm really missing the toys I have (and the ones that I'm expecting soon), because they provide so much on a deep level with me.  Even if they're just air-filled to you. 

There is a short list of people for whom I will provide music at their funeral.  One of these people passed away suddenly, her funeral was announced about an hour ago.  Unfortunately, due to distance and monies, there is no way at this time that I can travel that way.  I cannot fulfill this unspoken promise - and feel crushed for that on top of her unexpected passing.  It's... so frustrating.  I found what I think is the best available option for the time being, and will hopefully have the information I need to fire off a timely letter to my friend's husband.

Now is one of those times where I'm feeling like crawling beneath a pile of toys and not emerging except when needed... (eating, bathing, etc).  I know that the measure of my personal, emotional stability is out of whack, and I may just need to take the day and reflect, and maybe write out what I remember of the departed. 
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It only took... a year or three but it finally happened - even if its snippets of music that I disseminate to subscribed listeners.  :)

So, the music pieces are located over yonder (and the previews will stay up on FA):
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Music Updates: 
2 Pieces Delivered
12 Pieces Published
1 Piece Mastered
5 Pieces Mixed

4 Subscribers
$13.21 total subscriptions.
$3.30 average subscription.

Top Ten Subscriptions:
$8.00 Topcat
$2.50 Anonymous
$2.50 Anonymous
$0.21 Anonymous

Updated Tuesday, May 10th 2011


May. 1st, 2011 12:50 am
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Checking to see if LJ xposts this... also, a portion of tonight's concert:

SoulTribe Tv - Live in Redmond 04/30/11 09:44PM, SoulTribe Tv - Live in Redmond 04/30/11 09:44PM mow700 on USTREAM. Performing Arts

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I finally figured out how to write music. To paraphrase a writer, it is "To look at empty manuscript until you bleed from your ears."

A small question is also mine: Should I just go ahead and release an EP? It would be an introduction to an album that I'm not done with yet, with no guarantee of getting the rest of the album done in a timely fashion. Also, no guarantee of remixing the tracks (because unless I'm actually adding something to it, I'm not fond of doing remixes). So, when folks buy the album, they might wind up with exactly the same tracks that appeared on the EP to start off the album.

Given these conditions, what do you advise?
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Played for 3 hours straight.
With musicians I'd never met before.
In a place you can't find on a map.
And no, this didn't take place in my imagination.

There was a guitarist. (who has a great voice)
There was a guitarist with a banjo. (2nd place winner at so many international bluegrass competitions, he finally just stopped competing)
Then there was me. (lost)

I didn't know a single darned song they asked for the whole time. But, I just did whatever sounded good. From the deal, we decided that we're going to put a band together. Probably next week. Or the week thereafter.

What I got out of tonight: Free chuck steak. Free fries, and free 'drinks' on the house (I can't drive for squat after alcohol - I stopped trying to about 10 years ago). So, I had LOTS of pepsi.

Also, the band I played with in Phoenix, has started to regularly play for crowds of 4-5,000. Which is quite awesome news. If you don't know who they are, they're Dream Chemistry.

Places to go after I'm out of the Army:
Portland (Plan 1)
Phoenix (Plan 2)
Manhattan (KS) (Plan 3?)


Decisions, decisions...
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I just got mentioned on the local NPR station, Radio Kansas and will again a few times on May 9th. Not sure yet quite of what will be said of me.. but figured some of you might want to know that. All the best!
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Three projects just up and smacked me this week...

One album
One movie
One soundtrack

I will get it all done before I go to any desert. No expectations on when my next album will be ready...

Happiness is but a G-string away.
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A link to the source will be at the bottom (as I'm posting this with permission, their links won't translate because I'm not recreating them). This is posted with permission of the author.
Read more... )


Feb. 24th, 2008 05:24 pm
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Came across a piece of history about Sacred Rite (a band that I've recorded with) from their MySpace page... a little piece of history that I was totally clueless about...

"Formed in 1981, Sacred Rite is known to their island home and to various metal clichés around the world as Hawaiian Heavy Metal icons. As part of the underground heavy metal explosion of the early eighties, Sacred Rite saw moderate success with metal fans around the world.

Their first two independent releases, Sacred Rite and The Ritual, reached as far as Europe and Japan, receiving rave reviews in metal magazines such as Kerrang, Burnn, Metal Hammer, Metal Forces and in the US –Hit Parader. Selling nearly 14,000 units between the two LP’s worldwide was quite a feat for an independent, self contained unit, especially considering that it was done from the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no inter-net to speak of –as it hadn’t even been invented yet.

Following the success of these two records, Sacred Rite recorded Is Nothing Sacred, which was picked up by Budisque in Holland and Restless in the US, receiving distribution through Capitol Records. US tour dates followed along with opening slots for Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Triumph, and Yngwie Malmsteen."

I need a stiff drink.

On muses..

Feb. 20th, 2008 03:05 am
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If you already get my newsletter, then you already have a part of this...

The impending release of Red Victoria upon the masses got me thinking about my muse. As far as Red Victoria goes, I've been very happy to sit on the sidelines as several friends of mine (who were more deeply involved in this film) made it come to life in front of my eyes. The movie got me thinking about a few things my Muse does to me... before I go into that though, is where more info on that film can be found.

My muse -
She does such wonderful things, and yet, she's at least as nutty as you.

- She wakes me up at 3am to work on music,
- She gives me the best new material in the shower (where it is the least likely place for me to sit at a computer and compose - or even to write the music onto paper)
- She hands me a script for a series that would make Heroes look like Candy Mountain, instead, I take the script, and do some writing, turn it into a world... and play games with it (aka shoot yourself in the foot).
- She's a whip-wielding dominatrix of creativity. God I love her.

Is it any wonder why I don't have a girlfriend?
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Most people might be inclined to stick 'A race against time', but I disagree. Time is always with you - whether you happen to be working in a perilous situation or not. As for me, my race is to get the sequel to An Open Mind done before I return to the sandbox. It's a singular mission in life that I take none-too seriously; I will still have lots of fun before I go (and hopefully more fun while I'm there).

For three hours yesterday morning, my muse and I had a quaint discussion about music. Three hours in, 2 minutes and 52 seconds of musical goodness out. It puts the all-round clock up to about 12 minutes, as I piece together another hour-long album. So, I've hit that 20% mark.

So, life is good. You can't write a book without a first chapter, and you can't write an album without surpassing the point I am at now. We'll see what happens in this next week.
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Two things:

I spent the whole day playing musical barracks rooms for the eighth time in six months. The good news is, that I didn't lose. That feller down the hall and to the left wasn't so lucky. He gets to live on the street because he was just too slow. It's a dog-eat-dog world. You snooze, you lose.

The second thing is that a new work schedule for moi is here. It's called: Make progress musically (on any project, really), THEN go online. It'll get me out of this stalled environment of not getting any music done, and requests are starting to pile up.
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Thanks Tom Smith! You rock!


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