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I'm having one of those experiences where I'm just 'too happy' with the bag I've been given.  This year was overall a very positive year, one that I enjoyed to an utmost extent.  If I were to die right now, I'd die happy.  It could easily be said that I've led a full life.  So, about that bag...

I am a combat veteran who was a part of the invasion of Iraq in 2003.  I participated in some other stuff, too; and was medically retired from the Army in 2009, after nearly ten years of service.  Since retiring, I've lived in a supportive environment where I can see how much I've declined on the faces of the other veterans I live with.  I've known them for over ten years, from when we were all stationed in Germany together.  Shortly before Christmas I answered my water glass and drank from my phone.  It wasn't until someone with me in the room got my attention did I realize just what it was that I was doing.  It may not have been the first time. 

In 2011, one of my investments definitely went south.  $18,500 became $0.00.  Over $20,000 that I was tracking as 'investments' became apparent to be 'IOUs', and as such got removed from my list of 'assets'.  Now, a much more realistic inventory of financial assets reveals a total positive balance that is a small fraction of the aforementioned dollar figures.  At least its positive.

Anyway, while my hand is full of crappy cards, I should mention that I'm still pretty happy with how my life turned out.  Hence why I'm more concerned about proceeding down a long, psychological tunnel.  Rationally, I should be in the midst of a depression.  A deep one, at that.  

Nope.  Happy and bouncy are what I am instead.  Anyway, as for the memory issue (answering glasses of water and drinking phones), I do expect that should that symptom to continue, that it will get worse.  So, pardon me if I spend my remaining money, time and relative freedom having the best time I can.  
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Military chaplains are allowed to preside at same-sex weddings on or off base in states where same-sex marriage is legal.  Woot!  Granted, it won't make a bit of personal difference to me, as I'm not expecting to ever get married, but hey - at least the Army is attempting to be progressive! 
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Two things:

I spent the whole day playing musical barracks rooms for the eighth time in six months. The good news is, that I didn't lose. That feller down the hall and to the left wasn't so lucky. He gets to live on the street because he was just too slow. It's a dog-eat-dog world. You snooze, you lose.

The second thing is that a new work schedule for moi is here. It's called: Make progress musically (on any project, really), THEN go online. It'll get me out of this stalled environment of not getting any music done, and requests are starting to pile up.


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