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Today (well Thursday), I broke a $600 toy.  Sometimes I feel as if I just can't have nice things. 
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Maybe I should ask for some Puffy Paws toys to attend a friend's funeral in my stead.  Unfortunately, not sure if that'd be a good mix or not.  I know at this moment, right now, I'm really missing the toys I have (and the ones that I'm expecting soon), because they provide so much on a deep level with me.  Even if they're just air-filled to you. 

There is a short list of people for whom I will provide music at their funeral.  One of these people passed away suddenly, her funeral was announced about an hour ago.  Unfortunately, due to distance and monies, there is no way at this time that I can travel that way.  I cannot fulfill this unspoken promise - and feel crushed for that on top of her unexpected passing.  It's... so frustrating.  I found what I think is the best available option for the time being, and will hopefully have the information I need to fire off a timely letter to my friend's husband.

Now is one of those times where I'm feeling like crawling beneath a pile of toys and not emerging except when needed... (eating, bathing, etc).  I know that the measure of my personal, emotional stability is out of whack, and I may just need to take the day and reflect, and maybe write out what I remember of the departed. 


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