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Of all the things I'm tugged betwixt, IRC Golf got easier.  I've been grabbing a hold of mathematics by osmosis at an apartment occupied by a student of mathematics.  Just being here has caused me to do lots of fun things with numbers.  Like remove the reasons why we had computer players and making IRC Golf games a lot easier to play.  

So, I still have to update the documentation, but for those that need to know, minimum players for golf is back to two, and the maximum number of players is whatever the referee can (or feels like) handling at one time.  Speaking of, I'm losing games of IRC Golf as we speak.  In other news, today was highly productive in other areas of my life.  More on that later. 

Just a couple days left here in California, many folks will be at Rainfurrest when I get back to Portland.  I return on Friday, and start school again Monday.  Whee!
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We have a new game in IRC. However, all I can say right now, until you've played it, is that it is a card game.

Woe to be the one who draws the 'Every Town Librarian' card.

Woe be to me after getting thumped upside the head with a thick book by everyone who draws the 'Every Town Librarian' card, for they may be grumpy and do wield thick books with surprising accuracy.
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They lost their virginity tonight in IRC.
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These are somewhat fun to write... transcripts from #paradice:

05:41:23 * Baphnedia has an experience with another RLI
05:41:26 <@Baphnedia> >.<
05:47:31 < Zen> just
05:47:34 < Zen> just shoot them
05:47:39 < Zen> put them out of our misery, yeh?
05:49:03 <@Baphnedia> yeh
05:49:37 <@Baphnedia> This one is male. He starts playing loud music on his computer. (trying to play heavy metal through laptop tweeters.. almost funny,
but more sacrilige)
05:50:16 < Zen> ...
05:50:23 <@Baphnedia> Then, he unsuccessfully tries to sing to it. (singing the consistent three and threequarter steps off of the actual notes)
05:51:05 < VoK> ow
05:51:07 <@Baphnedia> Likewise, I think he has something big, round and wet stuck in his mouth, because he mumbles the words much in the way one would with a
carrot jammed all the way up to the uvula
05:51:07 < VoK> stop
05:51:17 < VoK> is torture
05:51:17 * Baphnedia stops :p
05:51:21 < VoK> nooooooo!
05:51:46 < Zen> good god kill it with fire baph
05:51:58 <@Baphnedia> !Baphnedia Real Life Idiot
05:51:59 < Fenrir> * Baphnedia utters something about not flaming anything sentient then sighs. Zen holds Real Life Idiot in front of Baphnedia so that Real
Life Idiot gets to feel the burn.
05:52:07 <@Baphnedia> thx for the assist, Zen
05:52:13 < Zen> YES
05:52:14 < Zen> YES
05:52:59 <@Baphnedia> I should post that last part in my LJ (just because they can flag my blog as sexist too now!)
05:53:05 * t`sChillin falls over
05:53:23 < Zen> =O
05:53:27 < VoK> hahaha


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