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So, my career as a (whatever) is tumbling. In 2010, I was making $19.53/hr doing office work, in 2011 I didn't do better than $9.50/hr. Granted the job I had for a little while last year was much cooler, but the pay was much less. The last job I was hired for was a minimum wage job - one that I lost an hour before I was to begin working my first day.

I think its time that I throw in the towel. With the unemployment situation as it is - I'm not competitive at all at this point. There are other things I can focus on more in my life than getting a job. Frankly, with my schedule of appointments at the VA, there's no way I could keep work, what with the number of days I would need off of work. I'm gone anywhere from 3-8 days per month (1d6+2) for medical appointments.

I might have more hope for getting a job, but the last two interviews I've had got me hired. One in Dec 2011 (for that job I was let go from before I started working), and the previous interview to that was Mar 2010. Between 2010 and 2011 I've had three job interviews. Rejection is easy to take, a time or two. After hundreds of times though, it begins to wear on you.

So, on Monday, I will discontinue my relationships with placement agencies and the like. Even though I owe them all a little time every month, the accumulated amount of time spent following up with them on top of applying for jobs and the like is keeping me from having something specific to focus on.

I have no career, and the workplace has no need of (or desire for) me. I feel better for finally admitting it. I have a nice cave, and will see about what I can do to make it nicer. :/
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