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So, I gave a friend the following link to listen to my moosic...

For him, similar music went from mine to Taylor Swift. When I tuned into myself (instead of turning into myself, more on that later maybe), they played a piece of mine and followed it up with Beyonce. Seriously. What the fuck.

Pardon me, I'll be over here, wallfacing.
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Mall Rats. Storage Unit Rats?

So, I wander into my storage unit, and guess what? I have a few tenants that moved in over the summer. Rat shit is everywhere (not sure where they moved into, none of them have died yet in the storage unit).

At least, when my stuff gets shipped to Portland, over there we have the Cure for rats. Cats.
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Definitely a fun read. Maybe we DID go into Iraq after WMDs... just, the wrong friggin part of the world!

So. Here's where I have a problem with this:

- Switzerland destroys an electronic copy of 30,000 documents from this network, to include designs for a more advanced nuclear weapon. (one that was much smaller than the designs that they found coming from Pakistan in 2003) Does anybody see a problem here?

- Pakistani officials tell the US that we cannot investigate, or question Dr. Khan on our own, and that they're investigations were concluded 2 years ago. The US listens. I mean, c'mon. We're only talking about nuclear weapons. Oh! And it's only our survival (and the survival of many other species on the planet) at stake!

- Ok, ok, I'm getting a little hot headed. So, they have evidence (several TB of it) that point to Libya (who used to have a program), Iran and North Korea, among their other customers - moreover, the more advanced bomb design was of Chinese origin? Ya know something?

- Oh, and what is the US doing about it now? We put out a news article that states that we ain't doing anything about it. Ok! 'Investigating Further' does not count as 'doing something'. To do something, the US should tell Pakistan where to go and how to get there. I mean, the father of their nuclear program was the one running this underground network? "But Baph, Pakistan is our ally!" I call bull crap. When your Einstien is buying and selling nuclear weapons designs - how could you not know about it?

- I'm willing to make a bet that Hezbollah (who is funded by Iran) will be the ones to make Al Qaeda look like 3rd-grade school children when they wipe a US metropolis off the face of the planet. Oh, and what will our response be? Not a damn thing - the world will get really, really quiet as we either do a DEFCON or bow down to our new master's demands.

I won't get started on the places in history where we've let them take, and take and take. For almost 40 years, we've done almost nothing, and when we do something, we screw it all up. Ya know what? Our government is so blindly focused on strength of political parties and not the war being waged right under their noses that we're too stupid to not see that it exists. The US of A is on a thin red line to being dominated and we're going to deserve it because we care more about who the next President will be than understanding - much less even fighting - this war.

Ahh! But there's a little ray of hope! Given my occupation, chances are I'll be dead and not really caring anymore!

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(not posted over there):

Oh, and one last thing... since when did we start identifying those who tip off the CIA? Of this I refer to the Trippers in Switzerland. So, we play a he-said, she-said game? In other words, we don't have men on the ground over there either (because top gov't officials gave out an agent's name a few years back)? I mean, I'm having trouble visualizing an appropriate synonym for the insanely massive amount of incompetence I'm seeing.
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A link to the source will be at the bottom (as I'm posting this with permission, their links won't translate because I'm not recreating them). This is posted with permission of the author.
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Mar. 7th, 2008 06:28 pm
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To all you Veterans,

While I was a US Army Recruiter, I saw the indications of a war, if you will, coming to recruiting stations. Many minor things (like bricks through the windows, bags of burning human feces left at the door, other pranks) have a history many years long. The event that took place in Times Square is a bit beyond that, I would think.

I'd like to get your handle on two things;
1) What do recruiting stations share with abortion clinics to get the same treatment?
2) What have the Armed Services failed in providing the American public?

I'm expecting not a few, but many copycat attacks, perhaps to mirror what took place with school shootings after Columbine. Perhaps not. It's one thing to get pigs blood thrown on your uniform when you return from a war, it's something different (not greater, or lesser) when you're too afraid to go to the recruiting station (to make a change in your life); because you might get blown up.


Feb. 9th, 2008 11:54 am
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Now that I have my 'clean bill of health', I made the mistake of reading the Army Times (dated 11 Feb 08)... on page 18 (they also have a poll right now on the bottom of the homepage at about doing away with the current 20-year active duty retirement.

What's amazing, is that anyone is actually supporting the idea that 20 years of active federal service will be rewarded with a pension that you cannot collect until your 60 years of age. Hell, you get out, after doing this for that long, and all you get is a limited benefits package and no money? Unless they choose to award you disability.

Any of you who are in any of the services (because this is a DOD level change, not just Army), had better read up on this; because with how expensive the war is, they might do this as a cost-cutting measure. Sadly, I can actually see them approving this bill when it reaches Congress.

Anywho, besides that, most things are peachy.


Feb. 1st, 2008 05:51 pm
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"Sounds to me like you might have a major depressive disorder."
"Sounds like you may also have an adjustment disorder."
"Your MRI came back clean *reads details*, no worries there."
"You sound like you're doing a lot better (which I am)."
"I'd like you to take a half dose of your medication daily until it runs out, and follow up with me in a month."

If ANY of this makes sense, please let me know.
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(yes, I'm also plugging my forums)...



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