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So, many things are going on all 'round me and I feel like I'm in the middle of it all.  Sorry for being slow on the uptake - I've been remiss in my duties to talk about being a veteran, and share some of my story. 

Instead I've been writing, losing my work, and writing some more.  I'd also like you to write, too.  A number of minutes ago, I started a short writing contest (entries of 50-150 words)... over here:

I have a ton more to write about... but I also have a lot of sleep to catch up on.  :)  Sleep first so that I may enjoy Veterans Day for once.

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Rules for Writers

For me, back to being busy.
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Woohoo... I'm slowly making up for being a day behind. 3793 done so far. As promised, an excerpt from what I did yesterday...

"The hangman jerks the lever, the door makes a loud creak as it opens downward, allowing Nilen to stretch the rope. The sharp crack of bone breaking signals the end of the singer. He sways, to and fro, his unkempt hair swaing a little bit in the morning breeze. The gathered crowd disperses in an uneasy silence. Prince San turns away from the window, sipping a cup of morning tea. Kill my father will you." is where the whole story is being posted...
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Slowly, EVER so friggin slowly from the site of Anthrax Shot #11, which I got last Monday. The swelling is finally subsiding and the knot that formed in my arm is shrinking. The cool part is that the swelling made it look like I have a really muscular shoulder and tricep, but I could barely pick up my violin with that arm for the week.

Anywho, lots of fun in IRC-land... I'm finding that it'd be easier for me to start up a new game of Silo 17 than a Three Worlds game (although I'll continue building content for both). Reason being is the style with which I destroyed the world in Silo 17 was off the cuff, versus some planning in Three Worlds. Plus, Three Worlds does indeed have some plotlines I actually care a little about, enough to write out.

I keep running into a conflict between writing stories for Three Worlds versus running more games there. I start a game, I want to write. I start writing, I want to game. Did the creators of Dragonlance have to go through all this cockamammy BS?!


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