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Many groans are directed at Da'al for his excellent punmanship, and tomorrow I have an audition.  Right now I'm in Juneau, AK; hopefully I'll be able to write more when I return.  :)
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I've noticed that there are a LOT of things that I do at home to help keep myself balanced.  Many of these things aren't available to me when I'm away from home... though I seem to have reached the point where I can make it about two weeks before tiring of the trip in general no matter the reasons for travel.  I'm able to tolerate a couple of weeks now, though starting school in a couple of weeks is going to impact my job prospects for doing things on cruise lines or other such things.

Got a left-handed job offer last night.  Given how the work was offered (by a friend of mine), I'll accept the offer, but won't be working to help my friend, but more for just the money.  Said to me, "I know you've got tons of IT experience on very large operations and stuff, but your memory sucks so I don't want to ask the company to start you as a team leader even though you've done it before for $20/hr, but rather as a grunt deploying systems at $15/hr.  I don't want you to be responsible for anything other than your own work.  Us team leaders can handle being responsible for areas of the project."  



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