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I finally figured out how to write music. To paraphrase a writer, it is "To look at empty manuscript until you bleed from your ears."

A small question is also mine: Should I just go ahead and release an EP? It would be an introduction to an album that I'm not done with yet, with no guarantee of getting the rest of the album done in a timely fashion. Also, no guarantee of remixing the tracks (because unless I'm actually adding something to it, I'm not fond of doing remixes). So, when folks buy the album, they might wind up with exactly the same tracks that appeared on the EP to start off the album.

Given these conditions, what do you advise?

On muses..

Feb. 20th, 2008 03:05 am
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If you already get my newsletter, then you already have a part of this...

The impending release of Red Victoria upon the masses got me thinking about my muse. As far as Red Victoria goes, I've been very happy to sit on the sidelines as several friends of mine (who were more deeply involved in this film) made it come to life in front of my eyes. The movie got me thinking about a few things my Muse does to me... before I go into that though, is where more info on that film can be found.

My muse -
She does such wonderful things, and yet, she's at least as nutty as you.

- She wakes me up at 3am to work on music,
- She gives me the best new material in the shower (where it is the least likely place for me to sit at a computer and compose - or even to write the music onto paper)
- She hands me a script for a series that would make Heroes look like Candy Mountain, instead, I take the script, and do some writing, turn it into a world... and play games with it (aka shoot yourself in the foot).
- She's a whip-wielding dominatrix of creativity. God I love her.

Is it any wonder why I don't have a girlfriend?


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