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So, you should be aware of a little petition at the White House...!/petition/stop-e-parasite-act/SWBYXX55
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So, many things are going on all 'round me and I feel like I'm in the middle of it all.  Sorry for being slow on the uptake - I've been remiss in my duties to talk about being a veteran, and share some of my story. 

Instead I've been writing, losing my work, and writing some more.  I'd also like you to write, too.  A number of minutes ago, I started a short writing contest (entries of 50-150 words)... over here:

I have a ton more to write about... but I also have a lot of sleep to catch up on.  :)  Sleep first so that I may enjoy Veterans Day for once.

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For your listening pleasure, you can go to Facebook and start playing from Prelude for a full listen... you're welcome to swing by and listen as often as you like. :)

By pricing the EP at $0.99 for the whole thing on CD Baby, I only need to sell 372 of 'em to break even. The individual tracks are also for sale at $0.99 per piece, so please be sure that you're buying the whole EP for the same price. Constellation Cockroach is o'er here:
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This is simply one helluva read, and I wish I kept in touch with some people who I made a bet with back in 2001... that we would become the world's best police state.  The comment of the day is down a ways after the article, "With agents like this in the TSA, who needs terrorists?"
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So, I'm reading the Declaration from the 99%... which can be found here:

I hope that when they form their General Assembly, that they prepare to write each of these as individual bills.  I, for one, do not see the benefit in some of the changes that they're demanding.  However, I'll go through the list of grievances and write down my thoughts. 

All the details under the cut... )
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If I could solve my problems, I certainly would!  

Another sleepless night.  The longer interpersonal problems at home persist (which seems to be whenever I'm here), the more I yearn to leave. 
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I wouldn't know who this is or why you'd want to listen to his music... :p  Just thought you would want to know.  :)!/notes/louis-lamp/halloween-release-unveils-louis-lamp/10150474880399018
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I think I need to find a new place to live.  Whether it's on my own, or somewhere else.  Nowhere did I sign on to clean up the messes left by the cats of the people I live with (cleaning litter boxes was fine - since I don't have to contribute money for their food, vaccinations, litter, etc); but lately...

I've been... cat shit on the ground daily. up the last plant that I have indoors that the cats keep eating and knocking over.
...replacing my books (throwing away the ones that can't be replaced) which are getting peed on. up other things that are getting peed on (including my monitor).
...checking my formal wear which got pulled down from it's hangar by one of the cats and burrowed in (no visible damage if the suit is worn, AFAICT).

If I replaced my suit and laptop (letting the ficus die and not counting any books); the past two weeks will have cost me $1300. 
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Military chaplains are allowed to preside at same-sex weddings on or off base in states where same-sex marriage is legal.  Woot!  Granted, it won't make a bit of personal difference to me, as I'm not expecting to ever get married, but hey - at least the Army is attempting to be progressive! 
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I imported all of my settings from my old Livejournal, so that presumably folks from there and from Dreamwidth can view my more personal posts.  However, there are just a couple of folks who comment o'er there, and I see them in other sites on a fairly regular basis.  So, I'm finishing up my move to DW by disabling cross posts from here on out.  

Otherwise, I've been having some weird days.  Presently drinking a homemade cherry mead and eating walnut raisin oatmeal cookies.  :)
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... so today starts class, and I find out a couple of fun things.  The Department of Veterans' Affairs was late (again) in paying my college tuition, so I had to get a $75.00 late fee taken care of to lift my registration hold.  Because classes start today, it is unclear if my seat in those classes exists (because of the hold), so I will find out tomorrow morning if I'm even able to attend class.  To top that off, by withdrawing from courses to accept work at the VA Hospital, and having a very bad summer term, I am disqualified from FAFSA.  Even though my old student loans are completely paid off, I was pretty much told that if I wasn't jailed or hospitalized this summer, that I am permanently disqualified.  

So... I'm still processing all this news; my primary thought about FAFSA is that I owe them nothing at the moment and I have no reason to clear a path so that I can owe them something later.  Sure, I'll have to do without loan money every year from here on out - but I think in the long run it's a better move for me.  Still, rejection sucks, and the documentation that I need to send them to appeal their decision is a complete disclosure of all my medical records. 

Anyway, I was told to check back tomorrow to see if the registration hold was lifted, so that I am cleared to attend class.  I'm losing confidence and patience in the system.  Back to work I go...
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Of all the things I'm tugged betwixt, IRC Golf got easier.  I've been grabbing a hold of mathematics by osmosis at an apartment occupied by a student of mathematics.  Just being here has caused me to do lots of fun things with numbers.  Like remove the reasons why we had computer players and making IRC Golf games a lot easier to play.  

So, I still have to update the documentation, but for those that need to know, minimum players for golf is back to two, and the maximum number of players is whatever the referee can (or feels like) handling at one time.  Speaking of, I'm losing games of IRC Golf as we speak.  In other news, today was highly productive in other areas of my life.  More on that later. 

Just a couple days left here in California, many folks will be at Rainfurrest when I get back to Portland.  I return on Friday, and start school again Monday.  Whee!
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Fat dragon is fat.  Five course meals daily; 'forgetting' to exercise, and playing for my food (turned out to be three platefuls) at a BBQ today after a 10-day Alaskan Cruise with Da'al has made me pudgier than ever before (except when I was a recruiter - for that, add another 20lbs).  Anywho, I have a few things on my list of stuff... and everything (college, job hunt, medical appts, etc) all hit at the same time; the moment I return to Portland. 

Mortal:  The Victiming is on hiatus, and sadly may remain so.  I'm putting to paper for the first time the back-system for a game I've been working on for a couple of years... which might send some things back to square one.  Blarg.  Hopefully the changes aren't too drastic... otherwise I may be looking at potentially thousands of my dollars, wasted.

Given my perception of the Internet, I prefer to work on games that aren't as present there - ones that can be played in person.  Too many folks who have never become social (in the physical sense) just don't know how to host, be friends, or to interact with other people at large, and I see this almost as a... symptom of far greater problems. 

I look at my own separation from humanity, and I examine how people interacted with one another in both peace and war throughout history.  As people treated one another more harshly in peacetime; the wars of those times became dirtier.  The thought may go 'the less human I am, the more harm to humanity I am capable of', though I think rather that the latter portion would be 'the more apathetic I get'. 

Anyway, it'll be another week before I'm back home.  Temporary work, college, job hunt, brewing, music, game development and everything I keep in my closet will be waiting for me plus two house mates, seven cats, fifty fish and about 3,000 bees.  Whee!  At least the bees will not have missed me.  
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Many groans are directed at Da'al for his excellent punmanship, and tomorrow I have an audition.  Right now I'm in Juneau, AK; hopefully I'll be able to write more when I return.  :)
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In under twenty four hours, I'll embark on a vacation for most of September.  I'm headed down into California then up to Alaska and back this time around.  Nearly everything that I do for lots of fun will be done with additional people.  Be it things in the bedroom, on stage, in the pool or whatnot.  I don't think I've packed as heavy for a vacation ever before, but I love the buffet -style variety in experiences I'm about to receive. 

I'll post again when I get back.
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Yesterday I was mortified... I saw that most of the cereal (the big brands) at the supermarket average about $6.00 per box. 
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So, I set out today to remove a page's worth of stuff off of my to-do list (which is several hundred items long at the moment), only to get volunteered to prepare the wort and do brewing for the next 4-6 hours as two batches of 5 gallons are prepared (we don't have the equipment to cook more than 5 gallons at a time). 


Aug. 6th, 2011 01:01 pm
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All right, I'm getting ready to quit watching the news all over again.  Although, Monday will be an interesting day, to say the least.  With only 58% of the American working-age population fully employed, and the downgrade coupled with the threat of a second downgrade within two years is just helping my perceptions of the economy look peachy. 

Anyhow, as for m'self, I'm thinking that the only job prospects I have are the ones I make - making games and playing the violin.  At this rate, I don't think anything else is going to go through.

Slow day...

Aug. 4th, 2011 10:56 pm
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I haven't had a day this slow in a long, long time.  Today...
- I watched a season of Red Dwarf.
- I re-folded the Merek Dragon.  Tomorrow he will get packaged for shipping.

Tomorrow, I have lots of other things that I need to do too - just confounded about where to start.  So, one thing at a time until everything is more or less done.
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So, I'm selling an inflatable dragon... I haven't completely plastered the internet with this link, but I suppose that there may be those here who I'm not in touch with elsewhere, and deserve to know.


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