Dec. 5th, 2011

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So, I got to work today - for the best pay I've had all year so far.  All that had to happen, was to swap out a network printer.  Easy, right? 

Get there - someone already did the physical swap.  Great.  Does it print?  Nope.  The printer works - yes.  Does it communicate with the network?  Yes.  Can terminals/users see the printer on the network?  No.  

How is this best solved?  Call the clients' Help Desk to put a work order in with their server team to add the printer to their network.  Said work order gets sucked into a black hole.  Wait four hours, calling every hour or so to find out what else can be done - or try to find out the status.  Nope.  Can't find out the status because that section of the help desk is not set up for phone conversations, and is not designed to speak with technicians. 

So, out of a mandatory leasing program thing - working printer was swapped out with a new printer, that would work if their help desk worked faster.  Handled client complaints about slowness, related my own frustration, closed the tickets and left.  So, ticked off client, ticked off me, and hopefully that was my last bit of IT work.  

There is no reason why it should take 9 people (the number of people I spoke with at 4 different companies) to swap an effing printer.  No reason.  None.


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